Apr 2, 2007
Can some one tell me how to update frontpage and mod_ssl those simple things.. You know when you click on the NEWS image link in WHM you have all those secure or insecure scripts i'd like to know the steps to update those...



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Aug 19, 2003
Front page can not be updated to a newer version then the old version that is out there, as it was EOL a long time ago (over two years). What appears to be the issue at the moment is that there is a conflict in naming titles causing the report to appear to be not the newest version.

We have moved all of our customers using FP to one server. About half of our customers can no longer use FP as Windows Updates on their local PC have rendered the Publish feature no longer usable (a randome MS stealth security update) (customers can change the setting to FTP and use that method so long as they have FP 2003 or higher.)

The best thing to do is to get your customers to change over to MSExpression Web, but that software is worse then FP and much harder for a neophyte do it yourself web design customer to use.

Bottom line, you need to find a replacement for FP as sooner rather then later you will find customers just can't use it to publish automatically anymore.