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Nov 26, 2003
I just tried updating to the latest release in WHM and the process seems stuck at stunnelkey and hasn't progressed from this point for some time. How long should I wait for this? Is it normal to take 30min for this particular process? It seems to have stopped at 80%, how long should I let it run for and what happens if the update has frozen? I happend to be logged in ssh at the time of update via WHM and I noticed this:

Broadcast message from root (Tue May 3 04:53:42 2005):

cPanel Layer 2 Update Commencing

Broadcast message from root (Tue May 3 05:02:59 2005):

cPanel Layer 2 Install Complete

... Now the actual web page for the update in WHM is stuck but these messages were broadcasted. What should be done in this instance?
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