Update System Software, nothing happens


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Nov 11, 2003

ive started "update system software 2h ago from the WHM, and the last entry on the Browser window is:

---> Downloading header for iputils to pack into transaction set.

Thats all. I checked via ssh if there is an prozess running, but there is no update prozess running. last entry at messages is:

Feb 16 13:20:49 rent05 yum: Updated: nfs-utils.i386 1.0.6-87.EL4
Feb 16 13:20:51 rent05 yum: Updated: at.i386 3.1.8-82.el4
Feb 16 13:22:19 rent05 rpcidmapd: Herunterfahren von rpc.idmapd succeeded
Feb 16 13:22:19 rent05 rpcidmapd: Starten von rpc.idmapd succeeded

what can i do now?