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Oct 25, 2002
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Could someone at cPanel PLEASE update the changelog in a timely fashion? I was watching Release 34548 and by the time the changes were posted to the changelog on March 13th, RELEASE_34599 was released about 12 hours after the changelog was updated with the details of the previous changes. I did not have a chance to update in the few hours between the posting of what was in the previous release, and the next release being made!

I am still watching for the changes to RELEASE_34599 from Early on March 14th, but here I am, mid-day on the 17th still no update. Perhaps the option to update to one of the last 4 releases, instead of only the most current?

I do not think that it is out of line to ask for the details of a release to be posted to make an informed decision whether to update or not. I love the cPanel software, but this delay in the change log is quite frustrating! I like to keep my system up to date, when it seems safe to do so.

Thank you,

I know this is forum is not an official means of support, but this does not merit a support ticket.