updatenow and fixndc still needed?


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Jun 9, 2011
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Hi all

I read in several places and forums that in order to configuring private nameservers is required to:
# cd /scripts
# ./updatenow
# ./fixndc

Are these commands still needed with 11.30.4(6)?
What are they for?

Thank you


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Dec 1, 2010
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updatenow is part of the cPanel Update process. It's actually not intended to be run separately (/scripts/upcp runs it as part of the regular update process).

fixndc is only necessary if problems exist with named's rndc configuration/key.

Neither of these commands are (or were) necessary for private nameserver setup. I would be apprehensive about a private nameserver guide that considers them necessary as that may suggest the guide is incorrect or advising improper setup methods. Updatenow is only run in the context of regular cPanel Updates and fixndc is only necessary if an actual named/bind problem exists with its configuration or rndc.key.

Setting up private nameservers is as simple as:

[1] Creating 'A' records for your desired nameservers (WHM -> Edit DNS Zone) to point to IPs on your machine
[2] Registering those nameservers with the domain's registrar using those same ips
[3] Waiting for whois information update/propagation time.

You can then, if desired, setup those nameservers to be defaults server-wide (WHM -> Basic cPanel & WHM Setup). Alternatively, you could setup the nameservers as defaults for a particular reseller (WHM -> Edit reseller privileges & nameservers). This step is only necessary to default the NS records populated in accounts' DNS Zones, though.

At no point is updatenow/fixndc or any other command line tool necessary.