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Mar 22, 2008
I have several cPanel servers running on XenServers.

Mostly cPanel 11.24.1 and cPanel 11.24.2

The updater just stays on the "Installing system packages and perl modules" section for ever.

They dont update. This happened on some other earlier versions too but I dont remember how i forced them to update.

Now its happening again. They just stay there n 20%.

On one server which I thought the update when trought looking at the process I saw the updater was still running after 1 week. It seems its hangs somewhere.

It freezes on the part on each server so I dont think this is server specific issue.


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Feb 17, 2002
Omaha, NE
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anything in the error logs? Sounds like maybe YUM is not getting out of your machine and it's stopping the update mid way. Have you tried also disabling your firewall to see if you can update it then? I know in the past we had something like this and disabling the firewall so the update would complete was the solution we used.