Updating cPanel/WHM & rootfs full issue?


Jan 14, 2015
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I am new in server management. I want to update cPanel/WHM because my mail system (incoming & outgoing) not working. To update cPanel, I have to login WHM, and go to Home > Server Configuration > Update Preferences page, right?

Currently I am using WHM 11.46.1 (build 4) version. The question is, which tier I will select to upgrade?

And If I upgrade, then what will happen about my WHM & cPanel settings? I have some sites hosted in this server? Does update delete any setting or web files?

Issue - 2:
My rootfs (total size: 40GB) become full every 2 or 3 days and I get disk warning mail from my server? I don't know where the huge files come from to fill up the disk. Maybe its lo rotation issue. But is log rotation a cPanel/WHM issue or linux server issue?

I do not know how to configure log rotation. It will be very helpful if you can say me the procedure. Tutorial link or video link will be also fine. I have SSH root user access. I use puTTy client.



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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Updating cPanel does not result in the modification or deletion of account-specific files. The following document should help you determine where most of the disk space usage originates from:

cPanel - Manage HD Space

Note that you may want to investigate the cause of your email issue, as updating cPanel isn't always a quick fix to resolve an issue.

Thank you.