Updating CRT issues... Modulus mismatch


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Sep 8, 2005
Ok, here's what has happened:

I generated a new CSR for an SSL host that was expired. I re-keyed the cert and downloaded. After installing the CRT, the page still reported that it was expired.

I tried re-keying again, no luck.

Then I noticed that the SSL domain name I was trying to renew was showing up under another SSL host! So I removed the account entirely and restored it from backup.

Then I took all the old .crt, .csr and .key files for the domain and moved them into "old" folders

Then I did the Generate SSL Cert and CSR again and re-keyed the cert

Now when I try to install the CRT I get:

Modulus mismatch, key file does not match certificate. Please use the correct key file
There is only one of each .crt, .key, and .csr for this domain now in /usr/share/ssl

How is it possibly using the wrong key?? :(