SOLVED Upgrade EasyApache first before upgrading Mysql?


Jan 6, 2017
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Before i need ti apologize because in one thread i asking to much but i think its good to have all in one place for another who will need to do same process.

I read the documentation about upgrade the mysql to mariadb or another version and they say about after upgrade mysql i will need to rebuild the apache and php...

So i have few questions:
  1. Rebuild the apache and php is SAME(?) if i just upgrade my EasyApache 3 to EasyApache 4?
  2. Will this process change my config files, because i use Nginx and some php.ini customization?
  3. Should i have some special version of NGINX or may be its buildin on EasyApache4?
  4. Should i upgrade EasyApache3 to 4 before i upgrade mysql to mariadb?
  5. Will my database config (my.ini) files changed or deleted?
Thank you.


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May 2, 2014
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If you are on EA3, you'll need to rebuild Apache and PHP with access to the correct drivers for MySQL. If you are on EA4, we pre-build these RPMs and they are installed by default.

I'll attempt to answer the questions in order for easier reading.

  1. No, if you're on EA3, you have to rebuild Apache & PHP for the new SQL drivers. If you're on EA4, there is no rebuilding necessary.
  2. You'll need to ensure your Nginx plugin supports EA4 before you upgrade. If you go to EA4, there are changes to how php.ini is handled with PHP.
  3. See #2
  4. I would recommend upgrading to EA4 before migrating to MariaDB, but doing so one step at a time.
  5. These should not change.
I hope this info helps!