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Jul 13, 2016
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I'm running CentOS v7.9.2009 and cPanel & WHM v102.0.8 (STANDARD). I need to install something on my server that wants git 2.1.3 and ruby 2.6 or higher. I have older versions of both. Can I update these without impacting WHM or cPanel? Does cPanel use or care about git or ruby?

Error: Package: shopify-cli-2.15.2-1.noarch (/shopify-cli-2.15.2-1.noarch)
Requires: git >= 2.13
Installed: git- (@updates)
git =
Error: Package: shopify-cli-2.15.2-1.noarch (/shopify-cli-2.15.2-1.noarch)
Requires: ruby >= 2.6.0
Installed: ruby- (@base)
ruby =


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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! I checked a cPanel machine running 102 on CentOS 7 and found this package:


This is a separate tool from the cPanel-provided Git here:


so as long as you're only making changes to the system Git and not trying to adjust the cPanel Git, you'll be fine.

If I perform a standard "yum install ruby" on a fresh machine, I get the following packages:

 ruby                                        x86_64                                            base                           73 k
Installing for dependencies:
 ruby-irb                                    noarch                                            base                           94 k
 ruby-libs                                   x86_64                                            base                          2.8 M
 rubygem-bigdecimal                          x86_64                          1.2.0-36.el7                                base                           85 k
 rubygem-io-console                          x86_64                          0.4.2-36.el7                                base                           56 k
 rubygem-json                                x86_64                          1.7.7-36.el7                                base                           81 k
 rubygem-psych                               x86_64                          2.0.0-36.el7                                base                           84 k
 rubygem-rdoc                                noarch                          4.0.0-36.el7                                base                          324 k
 rubygems                                    noarch                                             base                          215 k
so that seems to match what you're seeing as well.

For both Git and Ruby, you would likely need to download from source or an alternate repository as the versions provided from the CentOS "base" and "update" repos are not new enough for your needs. However, I wouldn't expect them to interfere with any cPanel tools.