Jul 14, 2006
Hi All,
I wondering if anyone else is having the problem i am experiencing.
In Fantastico, i want to upgrade existing Joomla installs.
ie 1.0.13 to the latest 1.0.15 etc etc
In the main page i get the following:

Use Fantastico to automatically install any of the scripts listed on the left. Installing any script will use one of your available MySQL databases. Removing any script will free up one of your used MySQL databases.

Click on any of the items on the left to get more details.

Following installations are not up-to-date. Keep your installations secure and up-to-date and ensure that future versions of Fantastico will be able to maintain your installations by updating now.
Location , Installed Version , Upgrade Link

If you notice there is no old or new version information.

As i have over 400 joomla installs, on 2 different servers ( 1 us and 1 australian ) and they are all experiencing the same problem.

All the sites are working fine, i can put new installs of joomla 1.0.15 up and they are fine. I just cannot upgrade the older sites to the newer versions as the version info is not showing.

Is anyone having the same problem.