Upgraded to Edge, now PHP won't work..


Apr 7, 2007
I needed to update a test box to the latest edge release today so that a customer can test some ruby/mongrel setups. This required me to update Apache to 2.2.4 and I upgraded PHP to 4.4.7 (can't go to 5 yet).

The cPanel/WHM update went fine, I then updated Apache/PHP via ssh easyapache - all seemed to go well.

Now the problem..

PHP doesn't work via apache. I can run it via ssh and it works fine. The module appears to be loaded correctly in the httpd.conf, and it appears the mime types are correct - but, any php page requested from any site on this server now wants you to download it.

I've re-run easyapache more times than I can count, and tried several fixes I've found here with no luck..

The box is a Centos 3 box, btw.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.