Upgrading bandwidth for all accounts


Jun 19, 2006
Hello Guys,

Iam a reseller having around 120 resold accounts . I need to upgrade the bandwidth for all the accounts (No other feature to be altered) . I have now edited all packages(pre defined) and doubled the bandwidth. Bandwidth for all the accounts were doubled but all the additional features that has been provided to users such that (additional disk space, additional Addon/park domain etc) were removed. All accounts were set to features of default package settings. Is there any solution to recover the previous state or i would like to hear any solution to upgrade the bandwidth without effecting any other features. Please do respond asap.

Nidhin N L


Technical Product Specialist
Nov 29, 2006
Houston, TX
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When you update a package, all accounts assigned to that package will be updated to be compliant with the functionality and quotas dictated by the package (and associated feature list, if applicable).

It is generally poor practice to customize accounts on a per-account basis when they are assigned a package. Instead, it is generally preferred to assign a separate package to those users that need more disk space etc.

If you have full server backups, it is possible any modifications could be recovered via the backup files. However, it is typically easier to fix the issue rather than restore the previous settings, especially if you are only managing 120 accounts.