Upgrading CentOS 5.x to 6.x-7.0


Mar 8, 2012
Manchester, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
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Root Administrator

I'm considering doing a clean install of CentOS on my production server, but need some information/guidance with doing a complete backup of my user's accounts and WHM settings.

1. Is there any way to backup all configuration of WHM, and restore it once the clean install is complete?
2. Is there a way to backup all users, along with their emails, databases and content and then restore them as is?
3. I also need to backup all MX,TXT records added on some of my accounts.
4. If so, what is the easiest and less hassle free way?

I have root access to the machine, but not physical access, so I can't do any work that requires me being on-site.
Thank you in advance!