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Jul 11, 2003
Tamworth, United Kingdom
Hi, Thank you for reading and hopefully someone can help me and others in the future with this.

I have half a rack server space with a couple of servers and a gigabit switch on the second NIC's for transferring and backing up etc. I currently have one server which is a 2x dual core called colo1, I have another blank server sat next to it.

I am planning on moving everything over to the new blank server as its almost 4x the spec, upgrades and all that. Is there a simple way for me to do this easily with minimal down time? I know I can transfer multiple accounts but I would like the accounts to keep their same IP address, some dedicated.

Anyone have any recommendations?



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Apr 11, 2011
Hello Richard :)

I suggest setting up the new server with different IP addresses at first. This will allow you to obtain a trial license for cPanel, which you can use when transferring the accounts to the new server. The transfer itself can be completed using the "Copy Multiple Accounts/Packages from Another Server" option, which is documented at:

Copy Multiple Accounts/Packages from Another Server

Once the accounts have been transferred, you can add the original IP addresses to the new server, and then use the IP Migration Wizard to convert the accounts back their original IP:

IP Migration Wizard

Thank you.