Upgrading PHP via EasyApache Concerns


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May 10, 2016
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I have never used Easy Apache but I know I need to. I have been hesitant because I know it can potentially cause problems on a production server that is currently running 5.4.45.

Right now my test environment at home uses 5.6.10. I plan on upgrading the production server to 5.6.21. I have read in the documentation that there are provisions where Easy Apache will roll-back if the install encounters problems.

My concern, however, is more about with my PHP code, in the rare chance that 5.6.21 may cause problems. If it does, would I just run Easy Apache again and go back to 5.4.45? Or, because this older version is marked "End of Life", will it not let me make a new build with it?

Just trying to be cautious. Thank you for your patience.