Upgrading Server, swaping hard?


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Dec 11, 2001
what would be the easy way of upgrading one server to better server without having to change dns stuff and IPs?

some one told me I can swap the hard drive and put it in new server!
(he was an expert!)

but it does not sounds like such a great idea to me!
can any one please gives me some hints?

I personally think best solution would be seting up a temp server, moving all hosts to that temp server, then seting up another server with name and IPs of current server that has customers on it, then moving customers from temp to new and disconnecting the old server.

I appreciate any comment

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Mar 23, 2002
Alberta, Canada
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Ahh, the 'expert' was right.

You've already been given the quickest & easiest solution, anything else would take longer and be more complicated. Just make sure to co-ordinate with your DC so that all IP's work with the new Server setup.