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Nov 5, 2001
Ok, I upgrade all the time, whenever I see the news has some new features.

Now I see the news says this:

Pl*sk Multi-Copy Support You can now copy multiple accounts off a pl*sk server without having to enter each one.
(5.2.0 build 85 or later only)

Fixups Autoreponders are now limited to 15 responses per 1/2 hour instead of 3.
Fixed a problem with stunnel under redhat 7.0
(5.2.0 build 84 or later only)

phpMyAdmin Updated We now use phpMyAdmin 2.3.2
(5.2.0 build 77 or later only)

So I do the upgrade and I get this:

Checking to see if you have the latest version.....Yep! 5.2.0-RELEASE_76

How is that the latest version if there is a 5.2.0 build 85 or later in the news.

I still have the other version of the phpMyAdmin so I obviously don't have it.

Any ideas?

Thank you.


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Dec 21, 2001
Unless you have your upgrade option set to upgrade to Edge ( which it looks like you have Release selected ) your not going to get upgraded to 85, as its an edge release: http://layer2.cpanel.net