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Oct 21, 2018
Wesley Chapel, FL
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I have been going around in circles trying to increase the upload filesize in order to to a few cpmoves. I have been through the MultiPHP editor in WHM and CPanel. I have also tried htaccess and php.ini files, but nothing seems to work. Not sure what else to try anyone have any other possibilities? I have looked through pretty much any setting I could find that has to do with upload file size....

Oh, I should have mentioned I am getting a 413 file size error on cpmove in whm and in cpanel when I try to upload large files, uploads just stays blue at 100% .
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Apr 8, 2003
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Uploading via the cPanel interfaces is set in Tweak Settings.

However for large file uploads my first choice is scp from destination server copying from the source.

If you have to upload from your desktop, then try Filezilla using SFTP with root creds.
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