Zion Ahead

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Nov 10, 2006
a customer reported that the max image upload size using Imagemagick is 6mb. How do I determine if this is true? Where would I change the max upload size for Imagemagick and would it be a security risk or performance risk?

using centos 4.5 / cpanel

What is the command to get Imagemagick version ?


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Mar 3, 2006
Imageagick its self does not limit file size handling nor have anything to do with file upload handling.

Your upload file size would be set in php.ini as well as the memory allocation the process may require to process the images.

in php.ini this would be
upload_max_filesize =

Now if the files upload fine and big images do not resize but smaller images resize fine, you will then need to allocate a bit more memory, again in php.ini
memory_limit =

By the way, was your mysql problem in your previous thread inodes related?