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May 3, 2012
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Hi all.

Could someone please be kind enough to give me step by step instructions as to how to I get an mp3 i have uploaded into my filemanager onto my website? I need to upload the file so I can setup an rss feed.

Or even a link to a tutorial video if there is one on the site somewhere and I have just missed it.

I would be very appreciative of this advice.




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Oct 2, 2010
somewhere over the rainbow
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Hello Greg,

If you've uploaded the mp3 file to your public_html folder in your cPanel account using File Manager, you should be able to access it using http://yourdomain.com/filename where yourdomain.com is your domain name and filename is the name of the file.

Of note, Linux is case sensitive, so you'll need to use the exact name of the file such as MyMP3.mp3 or whatever the file was called exactly.

If you uploaded the file into a folder inside public_html, then you'd use the folder as part of the path for the file after yourdomain.com

I would like to suggest using FTP instead going forward to upload files. It's far easier if you ever wanted to upload more than 1 file at a time. There's an FTP client called Filezilla that is free to use with Windows and Mac OS X:

FileZilla - Client Download

For FTP, you'd simply need to use your domain name as the host, your cPanel username as the username and your cPanel password as the password.