Jun 6, 2006
Atlanta, GA
Your best bet is to take a look at the cpanel help document that can be found in the lower left hand corner of your whm console or cpanel screen.

cPanel supports FTP, FrontPage, and a web based file manager to get the files to your site.

When uploading your site it needs to go in the public_html folder for your site to be viewable from the web. (most servers that I have seen accept index.html, or index.php as main page names)

If you can not get into your reseller account to view the docs go here:


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Apr 28, 2006
acheap said:
Im a reseller newbie can somebody please help me upload a website.........PLEASE[email protected]
send me an email at ezwebsol[at]gmail.com if you need help, I'll help you out.


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Dec 14, 2005
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1. You can copy files to your account using the ftp. You may use your cPanel username and password for this. You can use different FTP clients like CuteFTP, WS_FTP or SmartFTP for uploading the contents.

2. You can also upload files through cPanel File Manager. Your cPanel is located at http://domain.com:2082 and you can login by using the username/password .After reaching the File Manager,browse to public_html folder and use the feature "Upload file(s)".

3. All files that you need to access via http (web browser) should be placed in /home/username/public_html/ directory.

4. Both /home/username /www/ and /home/username /public_html/ ends up to the same location so you can use the either one.

5. You may upload the main page such as index.html or index.php to the public_html/ directory in order to make it your main page.

6. You may put the pages in the same directory public_html/ directory or can make separate directory for it and make a link it from your index page.

I hope this information helps.