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Dec 19, 2010
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I'm facing a strange issue with a script (GLPI)

Ok so this script was ok since several years without any issue, but suddenly without any modification by my side all sql queries start to overload the Mysql server.
So now all is extremely slow and the connection with sql server finally crash after some time, because of huge load the process is killed.

So I decided to install a fresh new one just to see if all is fine, and with very few entities entries in it (10) it's ok, but if 200 or more (in real I have +9600), then same issue.
Login is almost impossible it takes forever, and huge load again etc.

If someone would give a try, to let me know if any issue occurs: Télécharger GLPI | Téléchargement et installation.
Or if someone already use it, could be nice to bring me back some results.
Note that all my others sites are not impacted at all.

EDIT: Ok this is related to last update of MariaDB 10.2.35, some users complain about version 10.2.35 see here: MariaDB 10.2.35 - Major performance issues - ZABBIX Forums
A roll back to 10.2.34 fix this issue, but we can't do a roll-back without root access. If only we could choose in WHM which version to use...so much simpler.

thanks a lot
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there!

You're correct in all your findings, and that rolling back to 10.2.34 does resolve the issue. While not a cPanel problem, we're tracking this case with UPS-284 internally, and we'll post an update here once MariaDB has been able to resolve that issue.