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Uptime, diskswapping, httpd.conf settings

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ozzi4648, Mar 11, 2003.

  1. ozzi4648

    ozzi4648 Guest

    Our longest uptime, out of all our cpanel servers is;

    Server Uptime: 137days
    Disk swap: 6%
    Memory: 1.5gb

    The lowest uptime is 90days on one of our other boxes. It seems that the longer your cpanel server goes without a reboot the higher the swap percentages get. We are at 6% swap on this box which seems a little odd considering that amount of memory installed on the box and the number of sites. According to sysinfo its 6%, according to WHM its around 0.980 %

    Swapping to disk is not an optimal setting for any server. It generally means that memory has been exhausted at some point in time and disk has been used as an alternate means. Im just not sure at which point in time i could say we exhausted 1.5gb of memory.

    This happens to be a box we once ran Ensim on. our longest uptime on our Ensim box was 275 days before bringing it down and installing Cpanel. Disk swapping was always at 0%. So the question is why? I mean its the same hardware, same OS but different control panel.

    The following httpd.conf entries have always worked flawlessly on our Ensim box but on Cpanel i beg to differ.

    Timeout 120
    KeepAlive On
    MaxKeepAliveRequests 100
    KeepAliveTimeout 15
    MinSpareServers 5
    MaxSpareServers 10
    StartServers 5
    MaxClients 150
    MaxRequestsPerChild 10000

    What are you settings?
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