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May 12, 2005
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I recently installed Urchin on a cPanel server (RHES 4), all sites got its profile added into Urchin database, but when I run urchin for 1 site manually, it freezes on 0% and processing... Logs files have 0644 as explained in google Urchin manual ...

Also, using IP:9999, and viewing the profiles and its stats show 0 stats generated, but going to, then to Webstats - Urchin, shows every day with graphs, everything is ok...

Does anyone know how to disable cpanel urchin access, and only use the IP:9999 access to manage and view all statistics... ¿?

Thank you in advance


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Oct 4, 2001
We are looking at installing Urchin in cpanel to.
Have you got it to work right ?
Any pointers would be appreaciated



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Jun 1, 2002
I tried Urchin several times over the past few years on Cpanel, but could never get it to work correctly. Maybe it was just me, but I found it to not work well on Cpanel for some reason. I stopped using it.


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May 3, 2005
Carmichael, CA
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Anyone have any luck on this issue? I'm getting the same thing, and cPanel support won't touch it.
I've seen cPanel tech support try to help out with 3rd party issues, but it's not really their responsibility. I would imagine the have their hands full supporting their own code :)

Maybe this might help:

Sad that Google bought Urchin, yet they don't support it unless you pay for a support contract.
Urchin Software & Support

If you use Urchin as part of your hosting plan, please contact your hosting provider directly for support. If you currently own Urchin Software and have a Basic or Advanced Support contract, click here.
Oh, and this link gets even better. This is the "click here" link from the above quote. So someone who has a "basic or advanced support contract" gets this kind of message:

Does Your Host Provide Urchin to You?

Many hosts provide Urchin as a part of their service. If you are fortunate enough to be included in this group, your host is responsible for providing support directly to you. You may also find your answer in the Urchin Documentation Center, our free and easy to use help area.
Google never has been able to get the meaning of the word "support." If one of those links doesn't lead you to the answer you need (the first link to the FAQ looked good), try your upstream / hosting provider. Tell 'um Google sent you :)