Urgent help, Can open WHM but all website is server error 502


Mar 30, 2021
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Hello, I never see any kind of issue like this before
I have 5 dedicated ip in the server
All ip suddenly fail to open website
All website is currently not accessible!

I also turn off/on firewall = not help
I check all open port = everything normal

I check port using this website: Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router
I check important Port like 80,443 and 21 .. this port suddenly Close
the only port that is open is 2083 and 2087

What should I do? Server condition seem healthy, all file do not have any suspicious activity
Why all my ip suddenly fail?

What is any solution to bring back my Website? it hosted thousand of active user, and right now was down more than 10 hour
the complain I receive from all user is insane
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! For urgent issues like this, it is often best to contact our support team. If SSH access still works on the server we'd be happy to access the machine and check things on our end.

If SSH access is no longer working, you would need to speak with your hosting provider or datacenter about the problem as we would not be able to access the machine.