Urgent Help needed - DNS issues (I think)


May 8, 2006
Here's my situation:

Two accounts setup in WHM, one with live site the other used for setting up a new cms. When the latter was ready we attempted to switch the live site to this account by editing the account details with the live domain name. The old acount was also updated to have an unused domain name. It didn't seem to work so well so I attempted to restart the DNS server but that failed. I managed to work out that one of the dns entires had become garbled and commented this one out of the named.conf, this allowed me to restart named.

Now I can't seem to access the live domain (with seemingly ok db file) name via a browser at all. I've deleted the account and started again, I've created a separate account and parked it at that but nothing I do seems to work. No amount of deleting the dns zone and starting again seems to work. I'm stumped.

Can anyone help me get this domain name pointing to an account!?! PLEASE! Time isn't on my side.