Aug 12, 2003

I need now fast help. Today I checked my webpages and then I found that something is wrong wiht mysql. Then clients were calling and complaining that server disk is full. I looked at the service status and it really says 100% full and 0 KBs free!! Its impossible that hard disk goes full in 2 hours and I had around 30 GB free space before. So it may be a hacking attempt. Seemed to me that WHM went crazy and sometimes it show that all users have unlimtied space and 0 used and then it went ok again. Then computer load was in red and about 4.21 all the time. It says that MySQL is running but forums in server are not working, though I can access MySQL via Phpmyadmin that I have set up myself manually for backup. Then I changed root password via WHM and guess what??? I cant login to WHM and SSH anymore! It says that wrong password and I have no idea what to do. I have a root account currently logged in in Putty to my server and thats probably my only way out. But I dont know what to do. I erased some larger files, then I got free space and when I refreshed the "df" command, disk space was increasing every second by 700 MBs or so. Whata hell can it be?? I am so angry right now, I dont know what to do. I dont know how to get back into WHM and what can I do via SSH to fix it or change password. When I type "passwd" in SSH, it says
Changing password for user root. and then passwd: Authentication token manipulation error. I would be very very glad if some good person can help me out. Maybe you can contact me by instant messanger or just reply here, my MSN address is [email protected]. Please help me.


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Mar 10, 2003
I think someone hacked into your box. :(

I would contact the NOC and see what they say. You probably need a reinstall..