URL redirection map self deleting


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Aug 12, 2001
It seems that after a certain number [between 32 and 60] of entries in the URL redirection feature, that the whole lot disappears..

Is this a unique problem or is there a known way to fix this..? not much point creating aggro with clients if it can only have limited and unstable use..

httpd.conf still shows some entries, but mysteriously not all that previously showed up in WHM..

This is what it looks like, but doesn't show in WHM nor appears to actually work... [IP edited]

NameVirtualHost 209.2xx.75.1xx:80
&VirtualHost 209.2xx.75.1xx&
BytesLog domlogs/209.2xx.75.1xx-bytes_log
ServerName www.209.2xx.75.1xx
ServerAlias fineartxxx.biz *.fineartxxx.biz

[multiple Server Alias entries here]

ServerAdmin root@localhost
ServerAlias qpxxxee.com *.qpxxxee.com

[multiple Server Alias entries here]

DocumentRoot /dev/null
ScriptAliasMatch .* /usr/local/cpanel/cgi-sys/domainredirect.cgi

Would be grateful for any advice.. :p