Use a single webmail client in an iframe


Jan 17, 2012
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Hello, I was searching around for this but did not found anything about...

One of my client have installed a Joomla CMS and on one of the menu options he have the webmail with an iframe.
So what I need if he clicks on Webmail button, in the same page should be loaded RoundCube.

I made an iframe with http://domain.tdl:2095/login/3rdparty/roundcube/?_task=mail (as I found on some threads on this forum)
When I click on Webmail, it shows the cpanel webmail login but the problem is when I click on "login" button..a new page is opened over the old one...full webmail page.
Is there any way to make this at least still on the iframe? I used p***k before and I had a port for each client so it was easy to do what I need but I can't find a way to do this with cPanel.

So I need to keep the mail page on the iframe after login too, actually it's opening a full page with the mail options over the main site.

Thank you in advance.