Use alternate IPs for NameServers?


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Jan 27, 2013
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I have 6 IP's on server.
IP1 is main IP and shared IP for all domains
IP1 & IP2 are nameserver IP's for root.
IP3 is dedicated for 1 account.

Now, i want to set ip4 & ip5 as nameserver IP's for another reseller account. Initially i thought of adding ip4 also as reseller shared IP, so all accounts under reseller will share IP address 4 as main IP. But i found that it creates issues with Engintron plugin, so now i will only use IP1 as shared ip for all accounts.

My doubt is if i set IP4 & ip5 as reseller Nameserver IP's and use IP1 as all reseller account's shared IP will it cause any DNS issues.?