Use of disk by user account not match the size of his folder (3Mb <> 104Gb)


Feb 4, 2020
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Root Administrator
Hi cpanel & whm wizards, first thanks for all the help I've ever found here.

Need some specific help just now.

After import account named "x" with 100 Gb size from another server (parcial backup with option --skiphomedir) and make rsync to homedir files, everything seems fine except the disk used info showed by whm and user cpanel account.

Before import, i changed conf in Basic WebHost Manager® Setup like:

Enter the location where you wish for new users’ home directories to be created. By default all directories matching the "Home Directory Prefix" are checked for available disk space and the directory with the most free space will be used. -> /mnt/ns1ponteon/

Additional home directories matching the following value will also be used for new home directory creations. (Leaving this value blank disables the feature.) Only mount points are considered. This option only takes one value. -> /mnt/ns1ponteon/

In /mnt/ns1ponteon/x dir have 100Gb of size, but in Whm and cpanel user account, says only 3mb.

/scripts/fixquotas doesnt help.

[[email protected] ~]# cd /mnt/ns1ponteon/
[[email protected] ns1ponteon]# du -hs x/
100G x/

Can someone help? Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english that i keep studying.