Use remote mail server to send mail from PHP scripts


Feb 4, 2016
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By default WHM restricts outbound requests on port 25 and 587 to root and exim. When other users try and make a connection to a remote IP on these ports, that connection is routed back to localhost. This is to prevent unprivileged users pumping spam out of the server.

Is there any way I can keep this protection, but allow access to a remote server? The remote server requires authentication and is on a fixed IP.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @dcas,

It's not possible to configure WHM >> SMTP Restrictions on a per-user or per-IP basis. However, you can disable this option and use a third-party application such as CSF to implement the same type of protection on a per-user basis. There's a thread on this topic at:

SMTP Connection Refused for any Account Except root

Additionally, I encourage you to vote and add feedback to the following feature request if you'd like to see support for this type of functionality added to cPanel & WHM:

SMTP Disabled Restrictions per Account

Note the feature request is for a per-user configuration, but you can add a comment to voice support for a per-IP configuration as well.

Thank you.