Useful tips for Cpanel/WHM Server Administrators.


Apr 30, 2002
Hi all,

I've just ordered a new Cpanel/WHM Linux server and start playing around with it. Seeing that all of us here are using WHM and almost are system administrators, I think it would be useful for everybody to share their experiences and listen to others' experiences. I hope this will help us a lot in administering Cpanel/WHM server. Because I'm quite new to WHM so I want to learn from you first, I have some questions below:

- What do you do to manage your Cpanel/WHM server (daily, weekly, monthly)?

- What software do you use to monitor you server (FTP, HTTP, MySQL, JSP, POP, SMTP and Interchange Server)?

- How do you do to prevent your servers from hackers?

- In case of hardware/software fails, what steps we should follow to fix the problems.

Just some questions and I hope you can give me your answers, I'm sure they will be very useful not only for me but for all of us. And don't forget to raise your own questions, we will never know everything so we should try to help each other. Ok?