User missing from Manage AutoSSL's Manager Users


Sep 29, 2021
United States
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Root Administrator

Trying to enable AutoSSL on a user but it's missing from the user table.
The server is on a single user license but has 2 users (let's say userA and userB, and I have suspended userB). Under List Accounts both users show up, but in Manage AutoSSL and other areas, like Modify an Account, Force Password Change, Password Modification, Rearrange an Account, etc. only userB info is displayed.

I checked server files /var/cpanel/users/, /etc/userdatadomains, /etc/trueuserdomains, and the like and they do seem correct.

This is a production server so I am hesitant to tinker with it too much. What might I need to do to get userA to show up in Manage AutoSSL?

Thanks in advance.
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