user name and password with Frontpage on subdomains


Nov 30, 2004
Okay, I've searched this subject and read all the posts... not seemed to deal with what I'm having problems with.

It appears that I have to use the name and password for the main domain to be able to publish to the subdomains? You can't create or manage seperate name & passwords for Frontpage subdomains?

I could do it on an old Cobalt Raq3, so I figured I could with my clients in cPanel but for some reason it eludess me.

I have my and can FP to it with the main user name and password. After I created a subdomain I can only publish to it with the main account info. I've created an FTP account named the same as the subdomain name, but can't get that to work.

Seems odd, can somebody tell me if this is doable with cPanel? On the old Cobalt, I would just create a site and give it a FP name and password. Then when I created each new subdomain, it would all me to assing each of them their own user name and password for FTP OR FP.

Thanks gang! :D