User not found user in maillog


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Sep 4, 2001
I have a single account that is having trouble receiving email. I have found the following in the maillog:

Dec 18 14:13:01 cody cpanelpop[17061]: Connection from host=xx.xx.xx.xx to ip=xx.xx.xx.xx
Dec 18 14:13:01 cody cpanelpop[17061]: User not found user=jgallant homedir= passwd=/etc//shadow
Dec 18 14:13:01 cody cpanelpop[17061]: Session Closed host=xx.xx.xx.xx ip= user= realuser= totalxfer=101

I have checked the users outlook setup and it is using the [email protected] not just the username.

It is also strange that if I sent to this account, I can see it it webmail until Outlook automatically checks (every 5 minutes) then the mail disappears.

Every time the outlook client automatically checks the above entry is in the maillog.

I searched for this error and have tried some of the recommended actions, but I cannot seem to correct this problem.

Any other thoughts as to what I am missing?

Thanks in Advance,