SOLVED userdata location for a domain


Jul 8, 2019
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Root Administrator
Hello !

My server has cPanel/WHM version 80 installed. I also installed Tomcat 9.0.

I made additions in the Include Editor (Home »Service Configuration »Apache Configuration »Include Editor) in the Pre VirtualHost section. I added the JkMount and all the stuff I needed to make my Tomcat website work correctly.

Now, I would like to install another website which is not using Tomcat at all. By using the Include Editor, all VirtualHost (websites) are «using» the setup even if I only want to use Tomcat on my first website.

I'm trying to find the correct location to write the Tomcat setting (JkMount, JkUnmount, ...). I'm looking for the permanent Userdata directory location. I don't want cPanel or WHM to overwrite my infos...

I found a userdata directory at /var/cpanel/userdata/username/ but I guess the content is generated by cPanel/WHM...

I hope this make sense and that someone will be able to help me with this...

Best regards !