Jun 25, 2010
I am currently skinning up a custom cpanel theme for a company I work with from time to time, They would like their Jixed Bar that is on their main web page to be on the skin for cpanel, and I am attempting to put it there now. I have put the code into the html of the skin, both the call to the proper javascript files and css files, and the proper code for the bar itself. It is not working, the bar shows up as it is supposed to, but it is not aligned correctly and the bar does not float with the page. It acts exactly like the javascript is not working at all.... Unfortunately I can't just provide access to the cpanel for people to check, but you can see the source code of the main page,

I'd be willing to give someone a couple months of hosting or something for some help. Let me know guys! @_@



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Dec 17, 2009
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Hi importune,

Hmm, it might be hard to pin-point without actually being able to render the page.

My first guess is that the JS for the Bar is failing fatally: resources are missing, referenced elements are missing, a prototype is broke, etc. Depending on what kind of error, it may not solicite an error thru your debug console. Have you tried it in all browsers (with debug utils)?

It's also possible that their JS and cPanel's are in conflict. It's not as common nowadays, but use to, it was not unusual to see scripts break between JS frameworks. I'm not sure what the Bar uses, but cPanel uses both custom code and YUI throughout the product.

When I find myself perplexed in similar cPanel UI situations, I just go as simple as possible. Make a blank page or copy a simple one and start whittling away until I cut something out that makes my new code render.

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