Using a different server for mail?


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Jan 12, 2003

I will try to keep this brief.

I am voluntarily managing a VPS account for a group of non-profits. The reason we are going with this kind of approach is because we can not afford a high monthly for a managed dedicated server yet we need lots of disc space, root access on occasion, and the ability to experiment with various software.

Every once in a while, something goes wrong. Security issues are rare but do happen on occassion. Mostly something happens when software is upgraded, either through Cpanel/WHM or manually. The result is usually a bit of downtime while I scramble to figure out what is goign on. This is not my field of expertise so i gurantee the server is not managed impeccably.

Recently we had a security issue that might have gotten us banned by a few admins out there so outgoing mails are piling up in the que. If websites are down for a day or so it is not big deal but we really dont like it when the email does not work.

This has me thinking that the perfect solution for us might be funneling our email through a more reliable system. I would still like to use Cpanel for basic email management - web based email access, new account creation, auto-responders, etc. but would like to use another servers mail system. I am wondering how this would be done?

First, where do I go for a reliable SMTP server? All domains are registered with Godaddy. Is this a service we can set up with them?

Can incoming mail also be funneled to a more reliable server?

Do the edits need to be made to exim.conf?

Thanks very much for your assistance.