Using A records with different IP address for website & email

Jun 1, 2020
Oldham, England
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Hello guys.

Hoping someone can help point me to whether I've created a conflicting record on a domain.

My client has their domain stored under a hosting and email account at one address using Cpanel. Lets call this IP 12.345.678.9

I've got their website on my server with IP 98.765.432.1. also using cPanel.

So the client will have the website on my cPanel and their emails on their cPanel.

Under their DNS records I have set up an A record pointing to my server - 98.765.432.1. and also another A record for mail pointing to the existing server IP 12.345.678.9

Their emails are working but their website isn't loading and says there is a problem with the server.

When I check where the domain resolves it points to my server.

My question is will having 2 A records pointing to different IP cause a conflict even though one is an @ record and the other is a mail record (not MX)

Thanks in advance.


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Nov 14, 2017
Did you create the A records both for domain.tld? You'd need to differentiate between the two, domain and mail. This is commonly done by creating an A record for domain.tld for the site and an A record for mail.domain.tld which would also be used for the MX record