Using cPanel for Classroom Student use


Oct 10, 2017
Des Moines, WA
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I am looking for suggestions for setting up WHM/CPanel for use in the classroom for web design classes.

First of all, is there anyone out there that is doing this currently? If so, would you be willing to share how you have it configured in your environment?

My current issue that I am trying to get past is this: I have set up instructors as resellers in WHM so they can manage their students' accounts and get into files to check work, etc. The problem is, some students have multiple classes with different instructors. I would like to be able to accommodate this without having to create multiple accounts for the students. The only solution I have been able to come up with is to have a shared "Instructor" reseller. This, of course, is a horrible idea from a security perspective. Is there any way to assign a user to multiple resellers?

We would, also, like to figure out some directory integration (either AD or LDAP) but it looks like this is only possible through the use of 3rd party SSO applications. Any suggestions on this would be great, too.




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Apr 11, 2011
Hi Mark,

Unfortunately, it's not possible for multiple resellers to own a single cPanel account. You'd need to either have the student share their password with the instructor, share a single reseller account between multiple instructors, or setup multiple cPanel accounts for the students.

Thank you.