Using cPANEL webmail alternatives


May 9, 2005
I'm relatively young and inexperienced when it comes to cPanel.. so be gentle.. :D

I looked at Socketmail and Hivemail for a long time.. and finally settled on Socketmail. I bought it, installed it.. everything was easy. Now, I am absolutely confused as to how I can make it so that it integrates with cpanel. How do I make a signup which will allow people to make their own email accounts in cpanel without me having to manually enter them in?

If anyone has experience with Socketmail, how do I get it to check these accounts other than using the external mail program within socketmail itself?

I hope this makes sense, and I hope someone has some ideas. I don't like Horde, Neomail, or Squirrelmail.. they are too simplistic and are not great eye candy for my friends and family.

Thanks for any and all advice.