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Sep 22, 2017
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Putty was used by Fred Flintstone and Barney back in the day, cause it was the only thing available to access a server.

Do yourself a favor and get FileZilla.

In the site manager, put in your server's IP and set the connection to SFTP - SSH.

The login is root - and your root PW

Now you have an explorer style layout of your server on the right side.

Create directories that match that on your computer on the left side.

Now you can download files as you wish.......edit them.......and upload them again.

Took me WEEKS to figure this out.......

I figure it's gonna help a TON of noobs with bringing server access out of the stone

And you should REALLY save the original version of the files you're modifying FIRST.

So, if you're gonna edit a file, download it first.

Then change the name to fileimgoingtomesswithORIG

And upload that.

Then download the file you're gonna edit again.......and do your changes and upload it.

That way you can always go back to where you started and either change the name on your side and upload it.....or just delete the file on the server and change the saved file name to the original name.

I hope that's

You could also change the name and add today's date to it.

SO, if you're gonna mess with etc/ it and change the name to hosts07252018 and upload it.

Then download etc/hosts .......make changes.....and upload it.

Now your ass is covered in case it screws stuff up.......cause you can always remove the date......and upload it...or delete hosts on the server and change the name of the file with the date to hosts.....and you're back to where you were.

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