Using Freenas with cPanel?


Dec 12, 2016
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Hey Guys,

Ok so I have been playing with freenas to handle file storage for my backups...
And it got me thinking, Would it be plausible, or even a good idea to setup a Freenas server, with a bunch of drives, and setup the home directories on the freenas drives (in raid, allowing it to manage the raid), and mounting the Home directory from the Freenas network shared drive?

That way I would have let's say 2 or 3 servers with cPanel and 1 FreeNas server which then has all the storage, 20 or 40TB or whatever the case may be?

Would it be a possibility or a good idea? Or would I be opening myself up to chaos?
The idea is that if the server should fail, I just reinstall the OS, no need to resetup raid, or anything else, just install cPanel and mount home, or mount home on another server in the cluster and we're done and dusted...


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Apr 8, 2003
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You certainly can have /home mounted as a NFS volume and it can give you some more flexibility, however, the recovery would not at all work like you are thinking. The Mysql databases are not stored in /home, nor are any of the cpanel user data files, etc, so while you could certainly remount /home in a disaster, all those accounts are not going to just reappear and in point of fact, you would need to create all th accounts before you even rearranged your home mount. it would be a MUCH more difficult recovery.

You are better off with your original though, that being the storage of the backups on the NFS system. That would actually be your fastest path to recovery in the event of a server failure.


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Nov 14, 2017