Using more than 7 characters in database and usernames?


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Apr 28, 2016
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In the past, either databases or usernames (A Google image search of the wizard shows the username was 7?) could have a max amount of 7 characters, and I've been 'stuck' in to using 7 characters ever since, until now when using the MySQL database wizard which shows the maximum characters (the MySQL page doesn't), I noticed it's now 59 characters for the database and 43 for the username. Heavens knows when that change happened, but brilliant, now I can give databases and usernames more meaningful names!

But could going above the 'traditional' 7 characters cause any compatability issues, both with server and MySQL database viewing/management software, and with web applications that use the database that may have their configuration/setup wizards still character limited to 7? I hope that makes sense. Are there any downsides or limitations of using this higher character limit?

And while I'm here, I've also got in the habit of always making one database and user and attaching them together, normally with the same name. Is this okay, or should I be doing something else? Could I use one MySQL user across all of my databases on my accounts?

Thank you :)

(Note: Checked documentation prior to asking)


Apr 6, 2021
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Good day, lewis-teck!

To answer your first question, I would say most likely there would not be any compatibility issues.

Like how 32-bit software can run on 64-bit operating systems, web applications whose setups or configurations are limited to 7 characters should have no issues with using a MySQL database with a higher character limit. Regarding server or MySQL database viewing/management software, I would have to say that depends on how old and/or deprecated the software is. The current character limits for databases and usernames in MySQL 8.0 are 64 and 32 characters respectively. MySQL 8.0 was released a little over 3 years ago so any software still being updated since that time should be compatible with the new lengths.

As for your second question, that habit is perfectly fine and in fact, I would recommend continuing to do that.

While it is possible to have a single MySQL user access all the databases on the server, this is not supported by cPanel. When MySQL users and databases are mapped to a cPanel account, they are essentially 'owned' by that account and thus can't be accessed from any other cPanel account. It's also more secure to have multiple MySQL users with limited access as opposed to a single account with unlimited access that's accessible by everyone.