Oct 2, 2003
I'm have several accounts under a reseller and they were originally under all the same IP. However for reseller reasons one reseller's site has been changed to an IP, and all the resellers sites have been placed under that IP as it has been shared. However the sites only show the main reseller's page which is not the shared site of the IP but the IP itself.

In otherwords when i create a shared IP for a reseller and give the resellers site the IP. Then try and move all the other sites to the same IP (by changing the DNS and 'change site's IP') they don't show, instead shows the site set on that IP and not the site that is shared on the IP.

Anyone know how this can be solved, or what I'm doing wrong?


Website Rob

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Mar 23, 2002
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WHM > Reseller Center > Manage Reseller Main Shared/Ipless Ip

Did you use the above to setup the Reseller's Shared IP?