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Nov 10, 2020
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I am running cPanel on a CentOS 7 Virtual Machine running on a baremetal Hyper-V server from OVH. I have a virtual firewall VM in front of my cPanel server. I have my primary IP routing to cPanel for the license, but I purchased additional failover IPs to run webhosting through. The IPs are configured on the firewall to correctly forward traffic to the cPanel VM, same way as the primary IP, however I cannot seem to figure out how to get cPanel to accept these additional IPs.

Originally, I went to "Assign a new IP" and entered my additional failover IPs. I then set my cPanel user account to use that IP. I was unable to browse to the website using that IP, I get the generic "SORRY!" page instead. Confirmed DNS is correct. So I figured maybe cPanel doesn't like my failover IPs, I went to "Show or Delete Current IP Addresses" and noticed that all the IPs I added were listing those IPs as a "Local IP" and the "Public IP" column listed "Not Routable" for all new entries. I clicked Edit to add the public IP to the "Public IP" and hit Validate, but it was unable to validate and removed that Public IP info. So, I assume this is my issue - cPanel doesn't like these IPs and is attempting to use them incorrectly (as a local IP)

How can I set these public IPs up to be routable as aliases for my Primary IP, and use my current local IP for routing through the gateway and to the internet? I've done this before and never had issues, so I am not sure what I did differently this time or if the system has changed since then (that was somewhere around version 50)



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Dec 31, 2014
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Based on the screen shot and description, this sounds like the server is running in NAT. cPanel only supports running 1:1 nat. Adding public IPs along with private IPs would not work I'm afraid.

Can you map these in a 1:1 configuration for NAT and then add them to the server again?