Using Random - autogenerated usernames


Oct 14, 2008
Some of the tips for Cpanel Hardening suggest to use different port or rename the entry from the dns as a way to prevent attackers to enter your cpanel admin area....

So, i ask, is it possible to use random usernames when creating a cpanel account through WHM ?
Like, Instead of using the first 8 character of a domain, use something randomly generated,

Username: GE4145FS (8 char) or even better, 12/16 character.

By default cpanel automatically uses the first 8 digits of the domain name. with that been the default, attackers have 50% of the user credentials easily.

Does WHM have this setting? i have read elsewhere that it can be achieved with a billing software trough the API
Does any of you know if this can be done with WHMCS ?

Do you guys see at least some benefit of using random account username?