Using SFTP for all FTP accounts?


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Jun 10, 2005
I think cPanel allows the use of FTP for accounts setup in cPanel (you can setup a ton of custom FTP accounts), but SFTP is handled totally differently; I believe OpenSSH is used to provide this functionality, and it is automatically set up when you add a new user to the system in WHM.

The trouble with this is that you can only have one SFTP account per user; i'd like several accounts with different usernames and passwords, like FTP. Furthermore, you can't limit the root directory to a directory under your home space; the root directory has to be /. With FTP you can set a root directory.

I know SFTP is basically an SSH connection that uses special file transfer facilities, but I still don't see why it can't be possible to set up SFTP accounts with arbitrary root directories under a user's homespace, like you can do with FTP. Is there a way to do this under the current cPanel setup, and if not is there a piece of software you can recommend that will do it? I basically want to replace my FTP logins with SFTP logins for security.


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Jun 15, 2002
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You cannot do it within the cPanel configuration as it is and would probably require some work to achieve it since FTP and SSH use completely different authentication mechanisms. Probably easier would be to have clients use FTP over TLS/SSL instead.